Our Product: COMA ALERT

  • Enables non-invasive, real-time, continuous, functional monitoring of a patient’s upper brainstem (midbrain).
  • Picks up sensitive structural changes and brain shifts that eventually cause herniation leading to mid-brain shift resulting in stupor and coma.
  • Automatically alarms when patient’s brainstem response has worsened as compared to baseline recordings.


The technology:

  • Based on Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) – existing technology we have modified and patented for new application
  • Soft earbuds are placed in each ear and stick-on electrodes are placed on the forehead and neck.
  • Every 15-20 minutes, clicks and tones are emitted that cause waveforms to be triggered by the brainstem. These are then processed to determine electrical changes in the patient’s mid-brain functioning.
  • Functions REGARDLESS of patient’s state of, consciousness, sedation, muscle paralysis or general anesthesia.